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Experiencing an outstretched appetite in winter is perfectly normal. Your body is no less smarter than you when it arrives at taking care of itself. With every declining degree in the atmospheric temperature, your body temperature keeps sinking.

This descending temperature causes your body heat to go downhill.This is when your body utilises its smartness by emitting the hunger signal to urge you to fulfil your appetite.

Food consumption aids your body by restoring its temperature.However, this pro-body act does not necessarily spell blessing in the field of health. Chronic hunger pangs could result in two adverse factors.

If you are extremely health conscious, you might commit a folly of remaining famished.And if you are not, you might end up overeating.Each of these have negative impact on your health. Consuming healthy food at regular intervals are the ideal way of satisfying your appetite.

Therefore, here is Day Healthy by MWH to give you the perfect equilibrium of health and taste. The entire range of food products under Day Healthy is an ensemble of healthy organic ingredients. The basket includes

1. Cookies (LINK

MWH gives you the opportunity to enhance your cookie-loving taste buds. Day Healthy cookies are a perfect way to savour on delectable cookies keeping in mind the nutrition factor. Our range of cookies include

  • Oatmeal Cookies
  • Buckwheat Cookies
  •  Brown Rice Cookies

2.  Nutritional bars

Day Healthy Bars are a gift for fast-paced lifestyles. Nutritional bars are our favourite choice for quickly filling your appetite with health. Its constructive ingredients are designed to give you the perfect boost of energy. Our nutritional bars include

  •   Amla Bar
  •   Anjeer Amaranth Bar
  •   Apple Cinnamon Bar
  •   Apricot Bar

3. Cereals

Breakfasts constitute of the most important meal. Day Healthy Cereals are made up of organic and healthy ingredients that give the ideal beginning to your day. Our cereals:

  • Multi-Grain Muesli
  • Seeds and Nuts Muesli
  • Amaranth Muesli

Day Healthy food products are the best snacks for celebrating your winter appetite. Your body is a priceless entity and it is your responsibility to pamper its occasional cravings. But the challenge ensues when you are required to choose the healthy path.

MWH is with you in your every endeavour to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, enhance your health this winter with our brand Day Healthy. Goodness Everyday.