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In our previous communication with you, we had articulated the importance heart health holds for sustenance of life. Let us now take this conversation further and explore what exists within your reach that could keep your heart healthy.

For a healthy heart, what is of utmost importance is your cardiovascular health. To refresh your knowledge regarding the proceedings of cardiovascular system, you may refer to our previous communication.

Any interruption in this entire process of cardiovascular system pronounces bad news for the heart. 3 factors mainly hold responsible for encouraging heart diseases.

  • Smoking

Cholesterol, particularly “bad” cholesterol, is a foe to heart health. These LDLs accumulate in the arteries and result in their clogging. Smoking increases accumulation of not just LDLs, but other degenerative materials as well. These vestigial substances hinder normal blood flow.

  • Ageing

While “bad” cholesterol deposit, “good” cholesterol (HDLs) act as their broomstick. HDLs scavenge upon LDLs to bring them to the liver for elimination. With age, levels of these scavengers gradually deplete.

  • Lifestyle

The fact that blood transports through vessels imparts huge responsibility to them. They are responsible for containing the entire blood that runs throughout your body. Therefore, vascular inflammation is injurious for the heart. Lifestyle changes makes you vulnerable to such inflammations. Inadequate nutrition weakens your immune system and you get more prone to viral infections. Such factors are at the forefront of triggering vascular weakness.


Dietary supplements of MWH exhibit specialised functions on tackling the harmful effects of smoking, ageing and lifestyle changes.

Live Green Real Veggies

Liver detoxification helps keep the blood purified. The synergy of 6 powerful detoxes ensure that the blood that transports to and from the heart remains in its best condition.

Smart Men 50+

The essential component in 50+ is bilberry. This nutrient helps lower LDL levels naturally. Bilberry also augments blood flow in the veins. Such mannerisms enable it to contribute significantly towards heart health.

Promising Herbs Grape Seed Extract

Grape seeds are godsent for maintaining a healthy heart as they possess the unique feature of strengthening blood vessels. This further skyrockets their contribution toward polishing blood circulation.

MWH has rested its focus on heart health this month as February is the Heart Health Month. We are making efforts to spread awareness by superlative degrees. Share with us your inputs!