Dissecting the Dynamics of Nutritional Needs in Women Womens Health

The perception that women’s health needs extra attention is not hyperbolic to the least degree. It is factual that a woman has special needs with regards to her nutrition.

When it arrives at comparing the stages of her life with a man’s, she bathes in dynamism. Nutritional needs in women play hide-and-seek with her. With days, with months and with years, her demands of nutrition keep evolving.

Menstruation is a phenomenon so characteristic to her that she may eventually get accustomed to it. But her body somehow cannot adapt itself accordingly. This is why her nutritional needs change during these days.

In comparison with menstruation, pregnancy is perhaps an occasion much more grand to her. And grandeur has its own essence. When a woman is expecting, her nutritional needs don’t just play hide-and-seek. They play absolute hullabaloo! Even within these 9 months, patterns of her requirements change.

Post that, breastfeeding may seem as natural to her as oxygen is to air. But even during this stage of her life, her body finds itself incompatible. What it demands is a different genre of nutrition. Its prime focus at this stage is to generate milk. The body exists to provide nourishment rather than be nourished.

During pregnancy, its focus on providing nourishment was only partial. Because her own survival was as much important as her foetus’. It fed on her own share of nutrition. This is why she needed to provide herself extra nourishment. But a lactating mother is providing something that is vestigial to her.

Years after this phase of breastfeeding, she reaches another stage of her life – Menopause. This is probably the most crucial juncture in a woman’s life. Effects of menopause differ with different women. She is now like an infant herself, weaning away from her mother’s breasts.

Cessation of the menstrual cycle is not an easy scheme for a woman. It spells the end of several of her bodily activities, including her prospects of motherhood. At this stage, the body and the mind, both work differently. Her body evolves its nutritional needs as its main hormone, oestrogen, begins depleting.

Her emotional changes are another factor. Many women undergo mood swings, which can get as severe as depression.

Their physical maturation is much more diverse than men’s. Men experience a rather flat teleogy. A woman too heads towards a teleogical end, but in her way, she meets just so many nooks and crooks! And nutrition is just a part of it.