The Amazing Heart Health Benefits of Vegetarian Omega 3 Cardiovascular Health / Dietary Supplements

February is nearing its end. This is an indication of the approaching termination point of Heart Health Month. But is that anywhere close to justice?

The significance of being heart-healthy has surpassed every doubt. In our February conversations, we have discussed how a healthy heart is an absolute necessity. It is not just a boon for enhancing your lifestyle, but for your survival itself.

You are already aware how cholesterol hinder heart health. They make blood vessels their sites of deposition. And slow down the normalised flow of blood. This blood is, therefore, unable to make its way to the heart at the designated time and quantity.

This crack in the love story between the blood and the heart is fatal. The heart is unable to bear the shock of the absence of blood. And why not?

Heart requires a constant supply of oxygen and blood is its mediator. The heart exerts extra efforts to attract blood towards itself. For this, it requires to beat faster.

This extra pump leaves no option for blood but to run back to its paramour. But do you think that this love story can resume smoothly? Do you believe this love story could resemble a Shakespearan comedy?

Well, the course of dénounement is unpredictable. But what you will positively experience is its climax and the falling action. The moment the heart begins exerting an extra pump, its health begins degrading. Heart rate begins elevating, which is a severe cardiovascular disorder. How can you indeed be heart-healthy!

It is here that MWH barges into the picture. MWH Nourishtra Omega 3 is the one entity that prevents such crests and troughs from emerging. It contains life’sDHA. This vegetarian DHA has been clinically-proven to be heart-healthy.

It functions by maintaining a healthy heart rate. This prevents the paramour from entering into a cardiovascular disorder. Another benefit of DHA is that it prevents LDL Cholesterol from elevating. It ensures that the crack in the love story is not created in the first place. Thus, Nourishtra Omega 3 supports heart health.

It offers other health benefits as well. DHA constitutes nearly 100% of the entire omega 3 present in vital organs like brain and retina. Nourishtra enhances both cognition and vision in adults. It is the ideal supplement for a healthy brain, eye and heart.

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