10 Promises Every Man and Woman Should Make in 2015 On Celebration of Life Day Mens Health / Miscellanous / Sex & Relationship / Womens Health

We’re far too busy and far too caught up with life to stop, take a minute, and just breathe. Why are we in such a rush to make it to work, meet a deadline, or breeze through meals? Is time really on our side? Can we afford to put our health and those we love on hold? One day, you shouldn’t look back and regret not making time to exercise, eat healthy, or spend time with loved ones.

On Celebration of Life Day, MWH reveals that there’s more to life than hectic work hours and impossible deadlines. Let’s take a pledge together to travel the road to good health, shall we? Let 2015 serve as a stepping stone to make better choices for a fruitful, healthy life.

10 Things Every Woman Should Promise Herself in 2015

I promise to love my body and tell myself that I am beautiful, strong, and confident.

I promise to prepare healthier meals and get rid of/give away my stash of processed food.

I promise to choose preservative-free, vegan products.

I promise to make time for exercise and eat healthy snacks and not sugary, salt-laden alternatives.

I promise to make time for family even if my schedule is erratic.

I promise to prepare meals from scratch and not order for cheap, greasy takeout.

I promise to smile more often and hug those I love every chance I get.

I promise to make time for myself because I deserve to take a break.

I promise to take a yearly vacation to detox my mind and body.

I promise to get at least 7 hours of sleep and drink plenty of water.

10 Things Every Man Should Promise Himself in 2015

I promise to complain less and appreciate things more.

I promise to make time for family and myself.

I promise to eat less meat and more vegetables.

I promise to find an exercise buddy that can motivate me to stay fit.

I promise to start a hobby that makes me happy.

I promise to smoke and drink less.

I promise to use less social media and be more proactive.

I promise to take longer walks, get timely check-ups, and not skip breakfast.

I promise to sleep early and get a good night’s rest.

I promise to turn the television off during meals.

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