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Is your hair shedding like leaves during Fall? Hear this case study published in the journal of Dermatology in 2010 –


Above 800 women (studied for over a period of 6 years) fell victim to excessive hair loss during Fall.


Hair growth follows a natural cycle. Before it ultimately falls out, hair enters into its resting (telogen) state for about 2 to 6 months. This telogen state occurs during the month of July.

Hair also experiences stress during this summer time due to influences of the sun, sea and pool. After this stressful time period, hair rests for about 2 to 3 months. And by Fall, hair enters its shedding season. After this season is over, hair follicles rest for another 3 months before resuming their growing season.

Even though you cannot entirely prevent hair loss during Fall, you can definitely try a few tricks to prevent it from aggrevating.

  1. Healthy diet

Hair is largely composed of proteins. Therefore, feeding your hair with protein could mean potential trouble for hair loss.

Iron is a supporting mineral that plays an important role in healthy hair growth. Lack of iron can cause anaemia, which disrupts nutrient supply to hair follicles. This affects the hair growth cycle, thereby leading to hair shedding.

  1. Scalp stimulation

Getting a head massage can work wonders for your hair health. Stimulating your scalp with a concoction of castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil enhances blood circulation in the scalp.

After applying this concoction, put on a shower cap and leave it for an hour before you wash your hair. Repeat this pattern for a couple of months and notice a difference in your hair quality.

  1. Avoid daily hair wash

Washing your hair daily is not advisable because it strips it off its natural oil. Your body naturally produces an oil called sebum oil that donates hair its greasy appearance.

This oil is responsible for enhancing hair quality. It enables thickening and lengthening of hair, as a result of which, regular hair wash promotes hair fall and dry hair.

  1. Stress management

One of the major reasons for excessive hair fall is psychological stress. Therefore to prevent yourself from scanty hair, it is necessary that you relieve yourself from stress.

Meditation or Yoga are the best solutions for stress management. Conducting such exercises regularly enhances blood circulation, which in turn prevents hair fall.

Attempt these simple tricks as methods of arresting hair fall. And surprise your peers with luscious locks even during the hair loss season.