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Who doesn’t wish to stay young and beautiful all their life? After all beautiful people are attractive,aren’t they?Well,if you wish to stay beautiful then you only have to be a little diligent and have a positive approach to your beauty regime.Here are few tips that you need to observe in order to stay beautiful.

  1. Eat for beauty:Most of us spend on highly expensive cosmetic creams,but did you know that no beauty cream would be able to do as good as feeding your skin with the right food would do? Adopting healthy food habits is essential in order to impart a youthful glow on the skin.Sipping on fresh vegetable juices and gorging on fresh fruits will work wonders for your skin as it will aid in maintaining healthy skin.
  2. Exercise regularly:Exercise is the best way to nourish and rejuvenate tired skin cells.It improves blood circulation and gives your skin a dose of oxygenated blood thereby promoting a pinkish glow on the skin.It also helps in regulating weight which in turn prevents obesity as well as enhances your external appearance.
  3. Beauty sleep:Slumber is nature’s most powerful beauty treatment.Eight nine hours of sleep on a daily basis can leave your skin looking radiant.When you are tired, blood circulation is not as efficient as it should be , but the minute you snooze, your body churns out human growth hormone- a vital ingredient for collagen production.Collagen plays a major role in maintaining skin elasticity which in turn keeps aging at bay.
  4. Cleansing , toning and moisturizing:This process is essential for a good skin care routine.Cleansing will keep your skin free from dirt ,pollution and oil which is a major cause of acne.Toning helps in tightening skin pores as well as aids in restoring the skin’s natural PH balance.Moisturizing leaves your skin soft , supple and smooth.
  5. An anti aging mask: A mixture of egg whites, banana and yogurt works effectively to tighten the skin. Using this mixture once in a week, will prevent sagging of skin, will keep wrinkles at bay and will promote youthful glowing skin.In other words it will prolong the signs of aging.

  So now adopt these tips as a part of your beauty routine and watch your skin glow.