5 ways to make yourself happy Healthy & Balance / Healthy Beauty / Miscellanous

Do you often experience mood swings? Most of the times are you not in a good mood?Read on to know how to pep yourself instantly.

Acting a little funny or naughty can put you in a good mood.Positive mood results in higher serotonin (happy hormone) levels just as much as a negative mood results in a lower amount of serotonin. So, here is MWH Smart Women giving you a few naughty tips s to get yourself in a positive frame of mind.

Wink: Wink at someone – and he is likely to catch the wrong signal, but it is much more likely that your spirit will be lifted high. Yes, winking does pep you up. A gesture worth the misunderstanding, isn’t it?

Mouth lift: Raise the ends of your lip simultaneously and hold for a minute. It is hard to think of negatives thoughts when in this position– the smile position. Smiling reduces stress that your body and mind feels, almost similar to getting good sleep. Smiling also helps to generate more positive emotions within you.

Eye brow lift: Raise your brows twice in succession. Look at the mirror as you do this. And there is a smile.

Mmm: Make this sound and think of something you like. Mmm indeed.

Laugh: To laugh is not that tough. Start with doing an “Mmm”, say hee…hee…heee and haaa…haa…haa and you are sure to break out in a little laugh. Laughter releases the body’s natural feel-good chemicals and promotes an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain. Beware: laughter is addictive and contagious!

Hum: If you are in low spirits, hum your favourite song for the next 20 seconds. Now, how do you feel? Better? There’s no better way to calm your mind and boost your spirits than by humming a happy tune. Humming has all kinds of benefits—it’s soothing, it centres you, and also calms your nervous system. So keep humming some funny songs and groove a little.

Watch a silly video: Meaningless stuff are the first things to bring a smile on your face. Watching some hilarious videos does help in lifting moods.

Shopping can also pep you up instantly.Trying new outfits or purchasing new outfits can happy hormone and bring a smile to your face.

Now that you have these wacky yet great ways to make yourself happy, you need not wait for somebody else to cheer you up, just get a little naughty yourself and stay happy!