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The Argentinians may be crying their hearts out on the streets of Buenos Aires, but one thing is certain: if you’re a German, you simply couldn’t have slept last night! It was the night to simply be present on the streets of Berlin and Munich, guzzle up mugs of finely-brewed German beer, and wave the German flag in all its glory. After 113 minutes of enthralling football, it was Mario Götze who had the last laugh with his clinical finishing, which shows us why the Germans are revered the world over for their precision engineering. As Germany begins their celebrations, MWH decodes the grand finale and highlights the jaw-dropping moments.

The Exciting Build-up in Rio de Janeiro
With the statue of Christ The Redeemer in the background, the legendary Maracana stadium was geared for the summit clash between two footballing powerhouses. Germany were the overwhelming favourites, and with Messi captaining “La Albiceleste”, the hopes of millions of Argentinians rested on his sturdy shoulders. It was a make or break situation for both teams. And watching them intently were a whopping 1 billion fans on TV as well as leading dignitaries and leaders in the stadium. Everlasting glory awaited the winner, whereas heartbreaking disappointment awaited the loser.

Goalless 90 minutes
With some skilful dribbling and exquisite passing, both Germany and Argentina tried to make inroads into opposition territory. The 21st minute of the game presented Higuain with a golden opportunity to open the scoring. He had only Neuer to beat, and would you believe it? He shoots left of the target. This memory is surely going to haunt Higuain and Argentina for a long time. Higuain got another opportunity in the 30th minute and he did net the ball, only to be ruled offside: another defining moment. The Germans switched from offence to defence deftly, not giving Messi any space. Acceleration, aggression, optimism: the 2nd half was full of it. With Messi shooting in the 47th minute, the Germans had their hearts in their mouths.

Heartbreaking Extra-Time
Mammoth occasions, like the dying minutes of a World Cup 2014 final, call for something extraordinary: the ability to raise your game and take it to a whole new level. That’s exactly what Götze did. He seized the opportunity and scored, thereby etching his name in football history for eternity. It was the “complete team” that triumphed, which was evident from the bench strength. Kudos to “Die Mannschaft” for their brave display and footballing genius.

After a mesmerizing month of football, the World Cup has concluded on a high. It had everything, and, perhaps, a little more: from Spain’s elimination to Costa Rica’s dream run, to the complete humiliation of Brazil. MWH congratulates the German Football Team for winning lifting the World Cup for the 4th time and the 1st time since the country’s unification.