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Do you remember the day, when you first laid your eyes on your child? How beautiful that moment was,wasn’t it? As he/she grew your responsibilities towards him/her as parents increased and now due to hectic schedules and leading a fast paced life you may hardly devote any time to them,but you need to realize that your children need to be nurtured with care.

You should know that as they grow ,your relationship as parents with them won’t be the same as it used to be earlier.At some point,there will be compatibility issues due to which your children may not share the same rapport with you.You need to give your kids space as well as freedom.

Of course with time, parents and children experience tension and aggravation with one another due to which their relationship gets strained.Your perception towards things would be different as compared to your child’s perception,but as parents you need to realize that they are in the “growing phase” and being a friend to them instead of a parent will aid in improving your relationship with them.

Your children always greet you or surprise you with gifts on mother’s day , father’s day or parent’s day, so this time why not devote a day to acknowledge their presence in you life? So this son and daughter day , why don’t you plan an outing with your kids? This particular day marks the miracle of bringing a new life into the world,so it is a perfect opportunity to spend some time reflecting on the joy that children bring into your life.

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