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Today it’s a trend to smoke, consume alcohol , visit pubs and party till the wee hours in the morning.In fact most youngesters and working class people goers assume ,that indulging in such activities is a good thing and it’s their way to enjoy life but they don’t realize the consequences that will occur later in life.

Most of them who smoke don’t realize the harmful effects of tobacco.Tobacco leads to disability in almost of users.It is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally as well as plays a major role in causing premature deaths world wide.Studies indicate a correlation between youngsters who smoke and low grades.Youngsters who lack confidence , turn to smoking in order to project themselves as cool and attractive since they assume that indulging in this activity can make them popular. Working class people also turn to smoking in order to escape from daily peer pressure related to work, finance etc.

Tobacco comprises of a chemical known as nicotine, which acts as a stimulant when taken in small doses where as larger doses can lead to harmful effects.Youngsters who are addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco  become dependent on it physically as well as suffer from unpleasant symptoms when its taken away.In fact nicotine when inhaled in cigarette smoke reaches the brain even faster than drugs that are injected through the veins.

The following are the health issues associated with tobacco:

  • Chronic bronchitis

  • Lung disease

  • Stroke

  • Heart disease

Studies indicate that lung cancer kills more people than any other form of cancer. In order to prevent and protect yourself from the health issues that are linked to tobacco is to quit smoking or never to start smoking.Of course quitting is arduous , but then people should realize that those who give up smoking, live longer than those who are still smoking. Another option is to cleanse your liver and get rid of all those unwanted toxins which are accumulated in the liver as a result of smoking and alcohol.

Thus presenting, MWH Live Green” Real Veggies” , a natural liver detoxification pill which comprises of 6 USDA certified organically grown vegetables viz: carrot, beetroot , spinach , cabbage , parsley, broccoli which work as natural liver detoxifiers and aids in eliminating toxins from the body.

MWH Live Green “Real Veggies” performs the following roles:

  • Enhances bile acid production for better toxin removal
  • Purifies the blood

  • Flushes toxins from the body
  • Regenerates liver cells

  • Very effective against chronic headache(migraine)
  • Enhances liver detoxification pathway

Come lets mark this WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY by quitting smoking completely.