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The time has finally arrived when every myth about skin care regimen need to be overhauled. Regimens for skin care are not synonymous with rigorousness every time. Easy ways to care for skin also exist. And they exist well.

MWH is in sync with achieving enhancement with simplicity. This is why we provide you 5 tips for skin care in the easiest ways existent.

  1.  Exfoliate Regularly

Skin exfoliation is the simplest yet most crucial skin care regimen. Scrubbing your skin regularly exhibits the effect of 3 Ds –

  • Deep Cleansing – Scrubbing cleanses you really “skin deep”. It eradicates all the dead cells hiding beneath your skin.
  • Dislodging – Cleansing your skin automatically dislodges dead cells from the pores of your skin. Pores function by allowing oil to reach the surface of the skin, thus aiding in dead skin cell removal.
  • Destroying – Exfoliating your skin helps destroy whiteheads that are formed from unwanted elements. Whiteheads are a genre of acne created out of trapped dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria.

Exfoliation is a great way to keep filth away from the vicinity of your skin.

2. Avoid Smoking

FRTA opines that premature ageing is caused by free radicals. They are unstable molecules that interfere with health of organs by beginning with the cells. Lose electrons in these radicals attract other stable electrons and eventually, form a chain of unstable molecules. Instability degrades health of organs, which reflects as premature ageing.

Smoking is a leading cause of free radical formation. It hastens the process of ageing, resulting in wrinkles on the skin.

3. Eat More of Green

Premature ageing is also opined to be processed by disturbance of blood alkalinity. Foods and beverages that are unsuitable to the body affects blood by making it acidic. pH level of blood is expected to remain 7.4 but on getting disturbed, it gets lowered.

To maintain blood alkalinity, rejuvenate your blood with chlorophyll. It shares similar chemical structure with haemoglobin, which is why, it is able to augment its concentration. Green leafy vegetables are rich in chlorophyll and so, including them in regular diet is a great skin care regimen.

4. Choose your Moisturizers

If you could simply steal some time to step into a skin care clinic before embarking on your regimen, you would owe yourself a great favour! Identifying your skin type actually helps you select cosmetics most suitable for your skin. Moisturizers help retain collagen.

This enables you to maintain skin tightness up to an older age. Skin moisturizers are of 4 types –

  • HUMECTANTS: attract water toward cells to keep skin hydrated
  • EMOLLIENTS: satiate every gap between skin cells that lack moisturizing lipids
  • CERAMIDES: repairs damaged or depleted ceramide levels to prevent skin dryness and damage
  • OCCLUSIVES: immerses skin in moisture, usually recommended for the body

5. Supplement your sunscreen

Applying a mere sunscreen moisturizer is not sufficient for adequate UV ray protection. Majority of these moisturizers are not compatible with eye health and so, are advised to refrain from usage at the eye region.

Therefore, including eye creams containing SPF are most recommended for every skin care regimen. Further, overlap the moisturizer and cream with powder to increase their longevity on skin. Their tiny pigmented particles also offer a protection unique to themselves.

Practice MWH’s 5 easiest skin care tips to get closer to a radiant and youthful-looking skin. Don’t forget to share your views with us!