Eating Healthy is Proven Better than Treating Diseases Healthy & Balance / Healthy Beauty / Miscellanous

It has not been a secret that eating healthy is the best way to care for your-self and stay disease free. While there are numerous health foods racked up on shelves throughout the world, most of the purpose is lost if these food supplements contain preservatives and additives. Such elements are responsible for providing toxins into the body that lead to stress and other diseases.

It was recently proved that eating healthy is better than treating diseases. Fresh fruits and vegetables are known to provide us with dietary nutrition in the form of essential nutrients. The boons of eating fresh produce have been widely documented and have been adopted strict dietary schedules to maintain good health.

When a person falls ill, it costs the person far more to treat the illness than it would have for him to take preventive measures from the disease in the first place, apart from other added woes. Raw data from findings have shown that a healthy diet is able to increase one’s life-span by almost 2 years. This is not a great deal of improvement some might argue, but the incidence of falling prey to disease is lowered completely too.

There are many fruits and vegetables that are rich in natural anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are said to be saviors as they rescue your cells from being destroyed. When your body converts food into energy, free-radicals are released that attack healthy cells. Anti-oxidants destroy free-radicals therefore preventing physical damage to your body. The boons of anti-oxidants are great, from slowing down ageing to preventing numerous disease, they ought to be added to everyone’s diet. Additionally a scheduled exercise regime is said to work wonders for everyone. A sedentary lifestyle is directly related to obesity and caner. Ensure that your body gets enough of exercise as you are required to provide your body with enough wear and tear to accommodate new cell growth.

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