FIFA FEVER 2014 Miscellanous

This is the time of the year when the whole world is stuck glued to their television sets. Even mums do not crib at their children because, they too, have become ardent fans of the young men on the field. Yes, this is an epidemic spread like wildfire. This is the fever of FIFA World Cup 2014.

Though the timings of the telecast vary from country to country, anytime between dusk to dawn, the ripples and rumbles  are felt by every individual. The Lionel Messi moment in the Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina match or Thomas Müller‘s hat-trick for that matter are moments that take you to the edge of your couch. We have to stay put the entire match to watch magnificent strikes like these.

To have our eyes open every anticipated second is a challenge, especially if we are burning the midnight oil for it. Well, here is MWH giving you healthy options on how to stay awake and not miss any of the auspicious moments, and still be fresh the morning after, for the next whole month.


Eat Citrus fruits: Fruits like oranges and lemons are full of Vitamin C, which is an immune booster. They also improve alertness.

Binge on Cereals: Day Healthy Cereals by MWH have a healthy dose of B-complex vitamins and carbohydrates, which give high energy.

Take Omega-3 supplements: MWH Nourishtra Omega-3 helps keep the mind alert and maintains brain performance. It is the richest source of clinically-proven Life’sDHA.

Have a light dinner

Drink lots of water, fruit juices and coconut water to prevent dehydration

Elderly people suffering from diabetes or hypertension must put in extra hours of sleep during the day


Abstain from coffee, tea and energy drinks to stay awake: They might get very tempting now that it has been 3-4 days of staying-up all night, but it is probably not a good idea to do so. A sudden caffeine or energy burst might crash you down shortly after you consume such drinks.

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol at any costs

Healthy MWH options for the above Dont’s:

UNLIKETEA: This is a healthy substitute for tea/coffee. It does not contain caffeine or any other harmful ingredients. It is high in antioxidants, which assist in pacifying digestive issues and nervous tension. It is a herbal infusion that can be taken as a beverage while watching the match.

Decimal Energy Health Shot: This is a patented health shot that enhances concentration level. Whether it is watching the game in the night or being active the morning after, Decimal Energy Health Shot will help achieve your goal.

Aquus: This is a refreshing, flavored sparkling water to keep you hydrated all through.

There could be no better way to celebrate this momentous historical event than by staying up late healthy and living up to the true spirit of FIFA World Cup 2014.

“Put your flags up in the sky and wave them side to side. Show the world where you’re from. Show the world we are one…”