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With less than one day to go for the FIFA World Cup finale, football fans have planned a carnival-like celebration in their vicinity.While graffitis are adorning the street walls, some people are preparing to launch a big screen on open lawns and parks, while others are shifting the furniture from their living room to bring in extra space to accommodate the big gang of invited friends, colleagues and relatives. Food chains and pizza joints have already received thousands of delivery orders. Provisional stores are stacking-up on healthy snack options such as fruit bars, cookies, cereals and health drinks.

MWH too is gripped with its FIFA preparations: It has come up with a food segment which provides healthy options(bars, cookies, cereals and seeds), which are not only healthy but 100% organic and contain no added preservatives. Let’s learn a little more about each.

DayHealthy Nutritional Bars: There are 4 variants in this category, each having its own uniqueness. If one boosts energy level, the others are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins.

DayHealthy Cookies: These are flavorful crunchy snacks, brimmed with dry fruits, nuts and seeds. For a football fan as vigorous as FIFA players, Day Healthy Cookies are optimal nutrient boosters. Oatmeal, Buckwheat and Brown Rice are its variants.

Day Healthy Cereals: Mix them in ice-cream or sprinkle them over your cup cakes, you can use Day Healthy Cereals mixed with fruits as a healthy snack option. These cereals come in 3 variants: Multi-Grain Muesli, Seeds and Nuts Muesli and Amaranth Muesli.

Day Healthy Seeds: These seeds are both nutritive and scrumptious. Available in 3 variants: omega, sunflower and flax.These seeds can be used as toppings over cheese balls, spring rolls and burgers.

With MWH DayHealthy range you can surprise your guests by presenting them healthy delicious snacks: Here are a few more snacks options you can try.

FIFAFULL Snacks with MWH

Cereal Coated Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Just add a few cereal flakes or crunchy seeds in your sandwich. Then toast it, or have it plain.

Cereal chocolate brownie/mousse: Add whole cereals or crushed cereals as a layer in your brownie/ mousse or even smoothie.

Custard crunch: Sprinkle cereals or healthy seeds over custard

Banana split: Add 1/3 cup flavored yogurt in a shallow bowl. Split a banana in half lengthwise, and place it in the bowl. Spread a little peanut butter on the banana. Sprinkle crunchy cereal around the banana. Serve.

Baked chicken/grilled fish with cereal breading: Fry boneless chicken/fish dipped in cereal crumbs.

Pancake dip: Add cereals in the pancake’s cheese dip and enjoy the hot mouth watering  pancakes.

If you have any healthy snack recipes, please send them across. Fifa finals along with these delicious snacks will can be an event to be cherished.