Football Fever 2014 Miscellanous

Boy oh boy! These footballers are going to leave us at the edge of our seats and with “irregular heartbeats” (no pun intended). First, there was high drama with Suarez biting Chiellini, and now as we enter the knockout stages of FIFA World Cup 2014, Chile’s Pinilla sends the ball soaring in extra time only to hit the cross bar! A few millimeters lower and Chile would be in the quarterfinals! This beautiful game of football has also taught us a vital lesson in team spirit. When Chile’s Gonzalo Jara hit the vertical post in the decisive penalty shootout, not a single Chilean blamed him. They hugged and consoled him. It was the “team” that collectively lost. Way to go, footballers! With football reaching fever pitch, it is time to sing, dance, and party in the true Brazilian Samba style.

Parties and Football
Football is 90 minutes of pure passion and keeps your adrenaline going.With 60,000 screeching fans, the atmosphere is simply electrifying. There are only two possibilities: either you are intimidated, or you are inspired. The same holds true for parties. A great party will set your pulse racing. You would want to let your hair down and let your body loose. The rocking music, inviting ambiance, and that heady glass of alcohol will send your spirits soaring. So dearies, let the good times roll and pop open that bottle of champagne because there are two things that shouldn’t end: a mesmerizing game of football and an awesome party.

Parties and Hangovers
An exhilarating party is incomplete without that pulsating glass of Long Island Iced Tea, Bloody Mary, or Blue Lagoon. A game of high-intensity football is just one of the reasons for beer guzzlers to make merry. So, with your spirits hitting the roof and alcohol flowing freely, can there be a downside? Yup, in the form of hangovers. All party lovers hate that dreaded “After Morning Syndrome.” What’s worse, when you have to report to your boss the next morning, there is no room for excuses. Actually, FIFA World Cup is a legitimate excuse for football freaks, but bosses will remain bosses. Therefore, there is a need to eliminate hangover symptoms in order to be productive at work.

Post Party

Introducing Post Party by MWH
Post Party is a path-breaking, pioneering, and revolutionary product coming from the house of MWH. It comprises of Prickly Pear Cactus ,a powdered formulation that aids in eliminating short-term and long-term hangover symptoms, such as headache, nausea,acidity, fatigue, abdominal pain, flatulence, fat and inflammation. Prickly pear cactus significantly stimulates the alcohol metabolizing enzymes thereby preventing the hangover symptoms. Post Party by MWH has a fresh, cool,  flavored aftertaste and should be consumed 30 minutes prior to drinking alcohol. What’s more, it is completely non-addictive whereby taking care of your hangover blues.It also curbs your craving for alcohol.

Football is not like a game of chess which can be viewed in isolation. It calls for celebration in the form of family re-unions, get-togethers as well as an outing with friends. Therefore, as FIFA World Cup 2014 lives up to its hype, join in the frenzy like a true party animal! PS: don’t forget your sachet of Post Party.