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‘Tis the season to kickoff celebrations and groove in ecstasy. Folks, it is FIFA World Cup, the largest and the most viewed sporting extravaganza on planet Earth. With the semifinal line-up complete, four teams will square off against each other to lay their hands on the most coveted trophy in sporting history. For football fanatics, it just doesn’t get bigger and more exhilarating than this. Football aficionados don’t hide their excitement: whether it is unbridled joy over a scintillating goal scored or anger over a wrong move or missed opportunity. The conclusion is clear-cut: you can hide and watch a football game, but you can’t contain your excitement. Football is not just a mesmerising sport; it is a riveting one, where you stay glued to the monitor after the first whistle has been blown. One blink and you will miss the defining moment. Thus, football can be demanding on your precious eyes.

Alternatives to Traditional TV Viewing

On the downside, let us acknowledge that not all our family members are football lovers. Therefore, if you own just one television set, this could be a potential dampener because you wouldn’t want to disturb their sleep while you go ga-ga over a goal scored by crying “IT’S A GOOOAL.” So, the best solution is watching your favourite players set the football field ablaze on your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or phablet, which are technological breakthroughs. With broadcasters launching mobile apps, you can watch the pulsating battles in your own room and let all hell break loose.

Football and Computer Vision Syndrome

The primary fallout of watching too much football on your computer or smartphone is a vision disorder called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which is stress and strain on your eyes that occur when you use a computer for extended time periods. Most often, it is temporary, with symptoms going away with the passage of time. But, matters can get worse if your job demands being in front of a computer for eight hours everyday. Therefore, you need a dietary supplement that can prevent your eyes from straining with every passing day. MWH Nourishtra Bilberry & Lutein is one such pathbreaking supplement.

Bilberry & LuteinEnliven Your Vision with MWH Nourishtra Bilberry & Lutein

MWH Nourishtra Bilberry & Lutein has a synergistic effect on visual impairment, which helps alleviate vision disorders. With Bilberry, Lutein and Zeaxanthin as its core constituents, it helps prevent Computer Vision Syndrome. Bilberry contains 25% anthocyanidins, which ensure healthy eyes. Lutein and Zeaxanthin, on the other hand, are called “fuel for the eye,” and improve the ability to withstand glare and recover immediately from a blinding flash of light. Lutein increases oxygen and blood delivery to your eyes, while Bilberry equips them with better colour-differentiation abilities.

Thanks to MWH Nourishtra Bilberry and Lutein, you don’t have an excuse for missing a single moment of this year’s football fiesta.