5 Brainy Kids Who Changed The World Through Inventions —  Especially #5 Healthy & Balance / Healthy Beauty / Miscellanous

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn.”– Benjamin Franklin

Imagine being the parent of a child who is the product of pure brilliance. The kind of pride you’d experience would be indescribable. It’s daunting yet fascinating how kids today are practically adults before they hit puberty. Wouldn’t you agree that conversing with a child is far more an intelligent exchange than with an adult?

Let’s take a look at five child geniuses you’re sure to marvel at.


Name:Hart Main

Age: 13

Invention: Man Cans (masculine scented candles)



Name: Frank Epperson

Age: 11

Invention: Ice Popsicle



Name: Louis Braille

Age: 15

Invention: Braille (reading system for the blind)



Name: George Nissen

Age: 16

Invention: Trampoline



Name: Philo Taylor Farnsworth

Age: 13

Invention: Television


Kid inventors in history have one thing in common — they solved a problems that were a common inconvenience to others, and they succeeded. It’s remarkable how so many of them have their ideas patented and sold worldwide. It makes you appreciate the complexity of the brain and its phenomenal ability to create works of art and splendour.

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