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How effortless it is to look like a teenager when you are one? Why then do we look years older when we actually are 35? We bet, many adults may have said this once at least: my face does not make me look aged as much as my body does.

Did you know our clothing can make us look hideous, if not beautiful? But, this can be resolved just by tweaking things here and there. Although MWH Live Green Real Grass reduces the signs of ageing and improves the appearance of your skin, MWH gives you age-defying style tweaks that will deflect attention from your trouble zones – and make you adorn your age gracefully.

Go flat on pants:

Pants that are flat on the front slim your tummy and lengthen your legs. This makes you look taller and proportioned.

Expose the thinnest part of your arm:

Rolling up your sleeves and pushing back the sleeves of sweaters and shirts make you look smarter and thinner.

Opt for V-necks:

On wearing a slender boat-neck or wide, scooped neckline, you look less heavier on the top.

Avoid jeans with stretch fibre:

After a period of time, jeans with stretchy fibre lose their shape and smoothness, which makes them look saggy on the body.

No more ridges:

To flatten your tummy, try a cami or high-waist brief. To slim bulky thighs, go for bike shorts.

Color co-ordinate to look taller:

To elongate the look of your leg, match the color of your shoes to your skirt or pants. The darker they are, the longer and slimmer your legs will appear.

Accessorize attention:

Wearing a bold necklace and patterned pantyhose, draws attention to the face and legs and away from protruding middle.
Distinctive glasses, dazzling earrings or a pretty scarf will also do the trick.

Get colourful:

The color black can be harsh on ageing skin. Go for soft colour like a pastel instead.

No long nails:

Too-long nails are not recommended. Nails shouldn’t  be longer than 1/4 inch beyond your fingertips. Opt for light-colored polish, which elongates the look of your fingers.

Sit, stand,walk tall:

Proper posture can make you look 5 pounds slimmer.

Manage your middle:

When your stomach isn’t flat, anything shorter will emphasize your midsection. Thus, tops look best when worn untucked.

Wearing body shapers that minimize your middle, push-up padded bra to balance torso proportions will give you a defined contours. Necklines that show off collarbone and dresses with raised or empire waistlines —will emphasize the thin area just below the bust.