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Which of us does not care for ourselves? We would usually have a million questions raging in our heads. Most commonly “How do I lose weight?” Then you hurl all the other questions at an expert too. Beginning with the basics right up to the top, your weight depends on several factors and not your eating habits alone. Naturally, some have the tendency to put on more weight than another, although their diet is in no way excessive unhealthy!

Body weight is only one of the many other issues that one might face. Most of these problems can be solved through conventional therapy but the after effects are most usually adverse. In order for you to look beautiful you should ensure that you do not push your body over the edge. Ignorance towards the needs of our body takes a toll on us and fixing it takes even longer.

It is with this notion in mind the MWH cleverly devised some great every-day ammunition for your better care! It helps you eat healthy everyday so you do not forget about yourself ever! ‘Toppingo’ is a range of food seasonings that bring a platter of tickle to your pallet. Whilst it uplifts the flavours of the food it’s ingredients also help you fight against common issues you might be facing.

Having a cold and cough is probably one of the most annoying everyday issues.



Sinisitus beings much pain and dread, to the extent that you cannot even function or go about your daily routine with ease. ‘Toppingo Rhinypinch‘ helps you fight that runny nose and sore throat. It ingredients are richly sourced and are known to keep you away from the sniffles.

Another interesting addition on your table to could be ‘Topping Piquant Punch‘.
It is a distinct mix of spices you will definitely fall in love with. You wouldn’t need to eat another tasteless morsel again. Just pick up the bottle and give it a go! There isn’t a restriction on what you could use it with, so set your imagination free and enjoy a completely new experience.


Toppingo is like a private saviour. It can be adopted for use by almost anyone. Also it not to help with an issue, it can be smothered over your food to merely enhance the taste of it. Go ahead, give it a shot, you’ve got nothing much to lose, apart from tastelessness!