MWH Has Announced Plans To Expand Into Ghana Miscellanous

In response to increased demand for its lifestyle and nutraceutical products, MWH has announced a series of initiatives designed to provide business growth over the longer term in African countries.

MWH, an UK based company with interests in premium products, has open franchise opportunities in Ghana , Kenya, and other African countries on exclusive basis. “MWH will continue on its successful formula of expansion throughout the different countries. This is a major step by the group and we are actively looking for distributors/agents in Ghana. We are using our proven, successful formula in all of our overseas operations. The long term potential of this product in Africa is enormous,” stated Mohit M Jain, President of MWH.

Ghana is among the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world, with a GDP of 6.70% in the first quarter this year. With this figure the country shows huge potential to new markets.

MWH is looking forward to establish successful distribution partnerships with dependable local entities, including self-made entrepreneurs, importers, retailers, agents, wholesalers and distributors. It claims a rewarding franchise opportunity for those obtaining distribution rights for their region or add its products to their existing business channels. MWH offers its partners and distributors the flexibility to work independently in their respective regions, while enjoying benefits that come with the business growth model. MWH has designed some outstanding franchise support, which includes training program, marketing material, and sales and merchandising assistance to maximise distributors’ return on investment.

MWH has a specific target audience, which include doctors, or people who work or deal with pharmacies, supermarkets, online shopping, health food stores, nursing homes, drug stores, chain stores, and hospital chains, who can seize opportunity by undertaking one or more category of brands.

About MWH

MWH is brand that is dedicated to delivering greater good to humankind. Its vast product portfolio includes: dietary supplements, natural cosmetics, healthy foods, beverages, seasoning, household products, and stimulants. Each of MWH products are meticulously made to meed the needs of mankind. They are standardised, natural and effective.