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Every year the 20th of March is celebrated as International Day Of Happiness. Why of all emotions, is only happiness officially designated a special day?  What is this happiness after all? Contentment, intense joy, positive feelings? Most spend a major portion of their lives in the pursuit of happiness only to realise that happiness is in fact not a fundamental human quest, but a matter of a decision and a choice.

Especially today, on International Happiness Day, MWH makes it a priority to enhance the well being of all people by simply reducing the level of stress in them.

Our brain contributes to the state of our mind. Every experience of ours is a response to the brain waves produced in our brain. The bubbly feelings we go through when in love is because of the rising level of the alpha brain waves or the positive brain waves. The more positive waves our brain produces, the happier, loving and cheerful we tend to be. Thus, the pursuit of happiness is made less tricky when we decide or choose to elevate the amount of alpha brain wave activity inside our brain. It produces a unique state of consciousness (relaxed wakefulness), where we feel calm yet lucid. It also reduces stress and anxiety; and heightens imagination, visualisation, memory, learning and concentration.

The alpha brain waves play a key part in balancing emotions in both men as well as women. The differences in the male brain and the female brain affects the way the two genders function in similar environments. Women are more connected, which connotes they are more emotional in comparison to men.  Whereas, a man’s approach towards life is more rational.  Women are more prone to depression, while men find it difficult to control their anger.

This gender differing phenomena is the only reason why MWH has come up with two different stress management formulations—for men and women each.

Smart Men EnduranceMWH Smart Men Endurance is a herbal supplement for men that naturally elevates the alpha brain wave patterns. It reduces fatigue, distress, anxiety, paranoia, worry and fear; and kindles a sensation of eustress, tranquility and self-control. It improves cognitive functions by bringing about awareness, alertness and focus in the mind.
Smart Women StaminaMWH Smart Women Stamina notably increases the positive brains waves or happy hormone production in women. It brings about a happy, exuberant attitude. It is an amalgamation of herbs, including rhodiola, which is long known to balance hormonal activity in the brain. MWH Smart Women Stamina promotes profound energy level, regulates mood and induces optimistic feelings. It helps fight fatigue and empowers stress resistance in women.