A tribute to women on International Women’s day Healthy & Balance / Healthy Beauty / Miscellanous / Womens Health

“The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.” — Charles Malik

MWH shares this quote especially on International Women’s Day. There is no denying the fact that when it comes to resilience, fortitude, and will power, women are at the forefront and leave men far behind. After all, only a woman can give birth and propagate the human race.

On this International Women’s Day, MWH is proud to present three, one-of-its-kind dietary supplements for women of all age groups:

Each of these supplements has been designed for the smarter woman, who cares for her well-being and makes wise, healthy choices, which enable her to stay one step ahead of her peers. Smart Women by MWH is formulated keeping in mind the special requirements and needs of women.

1) Smart Women 50+ by MWH
With a focus on graceful ageing, Smart Women 50+ by MWH makes you feel beautiful inside-out and helps avoid age-related problems in women over 50 years of age. Therefore, get the confidence of youth back into you, live life unhindered, and treat age just as a number.

  • Reduces the chances of osteoporosis
  • Reduces distressing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes
  • Decreases the risk of heart and lung diseases, stroke, and depression
  • Keeps you energised both physically and mentally

2) Smart Women Hair, Skin, & Nails by MWH
Strutting your stuff has never been so much fun thanks to Smart Women Hair, Skin, & Nails by MWH, which is an elite dietary supplement that helps you achieve a smooth, even complexion, thick hair and stronger nails.

  • Helps get rid of rough and dry skin cells (caused by reduced cell development and slowing down of collagen and keratin synthesis)
  • Helps your hair stay bouncy and voluminous (by supplying nutrients to hair follicles in the scalp)
  • Helps repair weak, cracked, and dry nails (by decreasing the brittleness of nails)
  • Avoids skin pigmentation (by decreasing the production of melanin, a skin-darkening pigment)

3) Smart Women Stamina by MWH
Do not allow today’s hectic lifestyle slow you down. Feel supercharged with Smart Women Stamina by MWH. Stay cheerful and let your body burst with energy, thanks to the natural ingredient (Rhodiola), which targets specific needs. What’s more, it helps you juggle many roles and multitask.

  • Keeps you energized and happy by maintaining hormonal balance
  • Enhances alertness by reducing stress and symptoms of depression

We offer women the best, because they deserve the best. On this International Women’s Day, we salute the spirit of women, take our hats off to them, and proudly tell them to take a bow.