VEGETARIAN AWARENESS MONTH – HOW AWARE ARE YOU? Healthy & Balance / Healthy Beauty / Miscellanous

October is such a happening month! With celebrations of the onset of Fall and Vegetarian Awareness Month, life is just so exciting. But, were you aware? Well, the hot ‘n’ happening Vegetarian Awareness Month blasted forth with World Vegetarian Day on 1st October, and will find a grand finale with World Vegan Day on 1st November.

So, Go Green this October to flaunt your awareness. Show people how well-informed you are about Vegetarian Awareness Month. Wear Green, the new colour of October. This could also be the smartest way of spreading awareness about vegetarianism. Be aware, and make others aware, this October.

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But hold on, don’t just stop yet. Go on a vegetarian diet this Vegetarian Awareness Month. Yes, even while socialising. And when asked about this exclusive choice of yours, flaunt your awareness. Inform them about the health benefits of vegetarianism. In fact, take pride in being aware. Your awareness is a sign of your knowledge. And knowledge, gives you an edge over others.

All said and done, it’s now your moment of honesty. Do you truly care why awareness be spread on vegetarianism? According to general perceptions, meat may appear more healthy than vegetables, owing to its exclusive health benefits. Meat certainly has high protein, heme iron, DHA and fast muscle building capacity. But as we know, each action has an equal and opposite reaction. And in case of meat, reaction exceeds its action!

Yes, meat has more disadvantages than advantages. It has higher mortality rates, which means non-vegetarians die sooner than vegetarians! This has been proclaimed by none other than the National Institutes of Health. Non-vegetarians are also are more vulnerable to heart diseases, diabetes, kidney failures, cancer, and obviously, obesity.

Sadly, these are facts that usually remains kept from being spread. Now, do you realise the reason why Vegetarian Awareness Month is necessary? So go on, spread awareness today to save another life from death.

MWH is also on an awareness spreading spree. We take advantage of this Vegetarian Awareness Month to spread awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism.Did you know the human body is actually designed to be herbivorous? Your body resembles the body of a herbivore, or a plant-eating animal! Humans and herbivores have similar body structures. Both have identical facial muscles, jaw movements, chewing patterns, carbs-digesting enzymes, stomach acidity levels, intestine sizes, colons and urines.

So, isn’t it clicking you yet that digesting vegetarian food is easier than non-vegetarian food? Your body takes extra efforts to digest meat, and this puts you under strain. This strain is harmful because it causes heart and kidney failures. You are only capable of digesting meat. But that does not necessarily mean that you are designed for it.

Did you know every second, 1 person is dying due to a heart disease? People diagnosed with heart diseases are dying like flies. Meat causes high cholesterol levels in blood. But with a vegetarian diet, you can prevent this. Since it is low in fat, cholesterol won’t settle in your arteries to cause artery clogging. You will be saved from a heart attack just by low fat intake. You are tailor-made for being vegetarian. So, go green. And vegetarian.

Vegetarians live up to 9 years longer than non-vegetarians. Obviously, reduced health problems increases life longevity. When your body is not under strain, you will automatically live healthier. Vegetables also decrease blood pH level, and it has been discovered that cancer cannot thrive in a high pH environment. So, go vegetarian to have a long and healthy life ahead.

Being a premium health and wellness brand, MWH promotes vegetarianism. We have chosen to go vegetarian only to enhance your life. Our brands Live Green, Nourishtra, Day Healthy, Slim Wish, Egalicare, Promising Herbs, Smart Men, Smart Women and Post Party are 100% vegetarian. Even our certifications support our claim.

MWH’s carefully selected natural ingredients form biologically active ingredients in the body. These phytochemicals are seriously a reservoir of health benefits. For instance, MWH Live Green Real Veggies contains 6 organic vegetables that form FIVE phytochemicals. These 5 active ingredients synergistically conduct a most efficient liver detoxification. And yes, this makes our brand the best natural liver detoxification pill.

Dear reader, if you were reasonable enough, you would seize opportunity of this October to use our premium brands. Thankfully, October is yet to get over. You could still subscribe to MWH and celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month. Suggest MWH to your peers and make them aware how much beneficial it is to become a vegetarian! Be aware, and make others aware. But most importantly, Go Vegetarian! Happy Vegetarian Awareness Month.