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So,you’ve just finished school and now waiting to enter college due to which you are super excited , isn’t it? Of course , you would have so many questions racing through your mind , such as what should I wear on the first day of college? Would I get along with new people around me? Will I be able to adapt their culture? So many questions can lead to nervousness, right? Well,these questions are normal and as time passes you will be able to tackle all

Along with college,you will also enter into that “adolescent phase”,a period of life which is neither childhood nor adulthood but somewhere in between.The term “youth” indicates a particular mindset of attitude.Youth is a stage of building self concept.Self concept is influenced by several factors such as peer pressure , lifestyle , culture. It is that period of time where your decisions will affect your future.

These days youth are facing several issues.They are bombarded with innumerable problems which in turn, makes them a little rebellious too.Due to peer pressure, they may adopt several bad habits such as smoking , drinking , drugs.In order to come across as a cool teenager they rely on such substance abuse which in turn can take a toll on their health.

Since youth are the greatest wealth and strength of the nation,they should be enlightened that the future of the nation lies in their hands.Due to which a day was deemed to acknowledge that youth are the pride of any nation.Therefore , World Youth Day was announced in order to celebrate the presence of youth all over the world.

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