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Cosmetics – The most important substance of the ‘Woman World’. It’s a savior as well as a beauty enhancer. Most of them use cosmetics from the moment they wake up till they call off for the day. Come to think of it, they use approximately of 8-10 products like face wash, mascara, shampoo, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, lipstick, perfume, foundation to name a few on an average. These are used on a regular basis and remain on their faces for long.

Lately, women have realized that much of what they apply consists of harmful chemicals. Hence most of them have switched to natural cosmetics for the love they have for their beauty and skin.

Why Organic?

‘According to science, our skin has the ability to absorb upto 70% of the cosmetics applied on the skin. Excessive use of such cosmetics leads to a chemical buildup inside our skin which can eventually cause various health issues. Therefore, to avoid this, moving onto a safer source of cosmetic needs such as organic is a wise decision’.

As the name ‘Natural’ these products are actually natural, which means that the ingredients do not consists of chemicals or synthetic substances unlikely to cause any negative side-effects. Instead, these are made of plants and flower extracts. Vitamin E is a natural nutrient found in these extracts which helps keeping skin healthy and glowing

When compared to other cosmetics, natural cosmetics are beneficial in the following ways:

  • Absolutely safe to use
  • Widely recommended by dermatologist anywhere and everywhere.
  • No worries of harmful side-effects.

Unlike other cosmetics natural cosmetics are compatible for all skin types. Irrespective of dark or white, oily or sensitive, women with any skin tone can use them without having the fear of any adverse worsening of their skin condition.

A few cosmetics are tested on animals in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of it, whereas with natural cosmetics it’s neither. They are tested by experts in the labs using all possible equipments with no animals involved in the entire procedure.

Natural cosmetics may still be paving it’s way to the beauty industry but they are already so well spread, with a vast selection of products for all make-up fanatics. Right from kohl to creams, they have excelled in everything at a very reasonable and affordable price. All it takes is to be extra vigilant and resourceful to look out for the genuine product.

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Buy the genuine natural cosmetics by ensuring to read the reviews and know the products you’d try on. Advice would be not to wait till the bad and scary reactions of a product for it to be an eye-opener to push you towards the safe alternative.

Stay Fresh And Look Beautiful The Natural Way!!