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Cosmetics are meant to help refine one’s appearance and ease the discomfort one may have with a dull-look day. ‘Wondering about how to look beautiful, slap on some of our products’ and you’ll see the difference. It is true. In all possibilities it is. You will see a major difference; you will see the damage it will cause to your skin!

A number of products are available for cosmetic uses. Even more seem to be emerging every day. In the race to outwit another, a lot of brands completely forget that these products are meant to help improve a person’ skin and not completely coat and destroy it. We at MWH identify the plight of those with issues against such debauchery and hence wilfully devised an exquisite range of harmless cosmetics that will ‘better and not batter your skin every day’.

QUE is a tantalizing presence, beckoning all of you out there to reach out and care for your skin! It is rendered with the finest organic ingredients, is non-comedogenic and s one of the more widely available non-chemical cosmetics for your personal care.

While a lot wonder about ‘how to get rid of pimples’ the most crucial answer is the simplest. Stop using a face product that contains soap. It temporarily strips your face of that oily look, but you’ve unknowingly rendered your skin too dry. This is why you’ll find that your face has twice as much the normal sebum 2 hours later. QUE Facewash is nothing but simple. It boasts of nothing but simplicity. Simplicity of ingredients, simplicity in working and simplicity in providing you with ‘simply clarified’ skin. With only natural ingredients, it helps you keep acne at bay, thoroughly cleanses your skin leaving it noticeably supple.

Another tantalising worry is that of pre-mature skin ageing due to exposure to harsh sun-light. Well that is another worry of the past! QUE Body Butter pampers your skin with care and protection from harmful UV rays from the sun and hence photo-ageing. Similarly, a UV hair gel by QUE, the first of its kind, will help you save your hair from similar photo-damage, leaving your locks lustrous and luscious.

Using the right products for your skin is only a matter of good reasoning and firm belief. If you know what you want to use and why you want to use it, you’re probably doing the right thing. If you’re looking for real beauty you’ve got to treat it, not just ‘cover up’!