Add a Pinch of Taste and Relief Food & Beverages / Seasoning

It’s not uncommon for someone elderly from your family to frown when you use modern methods for curative or personal measures. They deem their knowledge of better care to stem from heritage practices that were in circulation when these modern methods were not available. Such solutions usually involve the use of ingredients found naturally and have been used differently in various civilizations throughout the world. They are used today in places that are rich in culture and heritage. While they may seem a little less perfected than modern methods, they are still the stepping-stones from which our modern practices have evolved.

AT MWH we identify the reasons for which these natural and effective ingredients were put to use above all else. Such efforts lead us to perfecting old beliefs as well as creating newer mixes with the same essences as the old ones. For example- Cinnamon is said to have positive benefits from regular consumption. It helps improve a hoarse throat and keeps it free from unnecessary constant drips from the nasal canal. Something as simple as citric acid is able to reduce acidic conditions inside your body. Peppers and chilies too are said o be extremely good for an irritated throat, as well as help in keeping the colon free from infections.

MWH has put together a list of allergen free ingredients to form a range of spices to pick from. They all contain they zesty pinch of added flavour, can be added atop most foods or used whilst cooking and most importantly, have ingredients that will give you something to benefit from with each and every single intake. MWH proudly brings to you ‘Toppingo”, the most effortless form of care for yourself. Unlike conventional curative measures it doesn’t have ay side effects on your body and ensures you have had a gob-smacking tasty meal too.

Toppingo” is a clever mix of age-old home remedies that are now easier to grab hold of. They contain herbs, spices and seasonings from around the world to tickle your taste buds whilst silently caring for you steadily. Delectable elements provide both strong and subtle notes of exotic and great flavour tones, some you may never even have heard of before. If you do not have a low tolerance for a spice of ingredient in particular, there should be no reason why you should keep away form everyday use. Make ‘Toppingo” a habit, because it’s a healthy one.