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Mexican cooking is synonymous with spices, and it is practically inconceivable to think about Mexican food sans those fiery spices. Mexican cooking, today, is a blend of the Spanish cooking and the recipes of the Mexican indigenous population. Because different plants grow in diverse areas, Mexican cuisine varies across the length and breadth of the country. Despite these changes, the components that are common to the Mexican cuisine include exotic spices and herbs.

MWH presents Mexican Seasoning, a potent mix of herbs and spices, under the brand name Toppingo. What separates Toppingo Mexican Seasoning from the rest is its use of fresh, hand-picked spices from some of the most delectable farms. A winning combination, Mexican Seasoning has the best ingredients in a correct and proportionate ratio. Ideal for Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes, MWH Mexican Seasoning is ideal for all those who want to add an extra zing to their food. Devoid of salt, this seasoning has the right amount of red chilli, which will make your dishes delectable and scrumptious.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the spices that are central to MWH Toppingo Mexican Seasoning:

1) Chillies: Chillies are ideal for adding heat to any dish. Mexican seasoning is synonymous with chillies. Some of the chilli varieties include chipotle chilli peppers, cayenne, poblano, serrano, and jalapeno. Chili peppers vary in heat levels and are available in many forms, including powder, dried, and fresh. In Toppingo Mexican Seasoning, we use freeze-dried red chilli.

2) Cinnamon: Cinnamon is available in both ground and stick form. It finds ample usage in beverages like hot cocoa. It is an important ingredient in chorizo sausage and rice pudding. The most famous cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon, with its rich flavour and subtle citrus undertones. This variety of cinnamon is central to many Mexican classical dishes.

3) Cumin: Cumin is an aromatic spice and adds a distinct flavour to various chilli powder blends. MWH Toppingo uses the finest and the best cumin. Cumin is known to balance the heat generated by other spices. Hence, cumin finds its way in MWH Toppingo. Cumin seeds, when dried, have a warm flavour with a hint of smokiness and bitterness. Cumin is ideal for pairing in meats, and it is used both in ground as well as whole form.

4) Oregano: Oregano that is cultivated in Mexico varies in flavour to the oregano that is used in Italian dishes. Mexican oregano is probably the most common herb that you will find in a Mexican kitchen. Its robust flavour is like no other. Oregano can be used in powdered form or whole-leaf form.

Oregano grown in Mexico provides a different flavor than the oregano that is more typical in Italian dishes. Mexican oregano, perhaps the most common herb in a Mexican kitchen, has a more robust flavor. Mexican dishes use oregano in its whole leaf form or as fine powder of dried leaves.

The other ingredients that go into the making of MWH Toppingo Mexican Seasoning include white onion, garlic, thyme, and clove. So, go ahead and create a heavenly dish with these exotic herbs and spices.