World’s First All Natural Anti-Ageing Pill.
What a wonder!

MWH┬« Live Green Real Grass is a revitalising dietary supplement. It is thoughtfully constituted with 3 organic cereal grasses – Wheat Grass, Alfalfa and Barley. The beautiful combination of these grasses slows down the ageing process and prevents premature ageing. Live Green Real Grass is a natural antioxidant that purifies your blood, increases your skin elasticity, boosts your energy level and is greatly helpful in anaemia.

How does Live Green Real Grass work?

Live Green Real Grass delay premature ageing in two ways. Its rich chlorophyll content boosts haemoglobin concentration in blood. This helps prevent blood acidity, which is a major contributor of premature ageing.
It also contains powerful antioxidants that scavenge upon free radicals. This combats the free radical theory of ageing. Thus, Real Grass exhibits a double-action against anti-ageing and delays premature ageing naturally.

What makes Live Green Real Grass unique?

The uniqueness of Live Green Real Grass arises from the fact that it conducts a dual action in delaying premature ageing. It is also a unique supplement that prevents anti-ageing absolutely naturally.
Real Grass contains 3 USDA-certified organic cereal grasses – Wheatgrass, Alfalfa and Barley. It also contains sunflower and sesame seeds that scavenge upon free radicals naturally to delay premature ageing.