How it Works

REAL GRASS Pills of Vitality!

Live Green Real Grass pills pack chlorophyll enriched with 3 certified, organic cereal grasses: namely Wheat Grass, Alfalfa and Barley, which act as catalysts to slowdown your ageing pace.

Real Grass reduces the accumulation of ageing protein called Lipofuscin that acidifies the blood. Chlorophyll enriched Real Grass helps to purify your blood imparting the essential glow required for your skin to look your age.

Balances the body pH level

One of the major health impacts of the pH imbalance in your body is the deterioration of the entire cellular system. Real Grass enables you to maintain a balanced pH level, therefore your stress level is effectively managed which resultantly boosts up your energy.

Purifies your blood

The neutralization of blood is required for normal healthy cellular function. Acidic pH (< 7) indicates that the body is heading towards ageing.

Just because people do not eat enough of the alkalinizing foods (fresh organic raw fruits and vegetables) and usually eat acidic foods (meats, dairy, soft drinks, and processed foods), we recommend that you get out of the self sabotaging trend and start maximizing your nutrient intake by developing a balanced pH with Real Grass.