Detoxify & Cleanse your body, naturally.

MWH® Live Green Real Veggies is a unique liver detoxification supplement made up of six organically produced vegetables. We extract the best nutrients from 6 veggies – cabbage, carrot, broccoli, beetroot, spinach & parsley. These USDA-certified organically grown vegetables maintain your liver health by accelerating liver detoxification. These natural liver detoxification pills are must for those who consume alcohol or regularly smoke cigarettes. If you frequently eat processed foods or consume prescribed medicines, it’s about time that you detoxify yourself and regenerate your liver cells with this ingeniously natural supplement.

Is Live Green Real Veggies supplement meant for me?

Live Green Real Veggies is meant for every individual caught up in the mesh of this fast-paced lifestyle. Situations such as unhealthy diet patterns, excessive medications, smoking and alcohol make liver the most overworked organ.
Real Veggies is a liver health supplement that contains 6 powerful organic vegetables that synergistically help cleanse your liver naturally. Regular liver detoxification maintains overall health by facilitating all other body functions.

How will Live Green Real Veggies enhance my overall health?

Liver can be considered the most vital organ as without blood purification no organ can function smoothly. It is the filter through which blood passes in order to get purified.
Smoking, drinking and unhealthy diets overload the blood with toxins, cleansing which, fatigues the liver. Live Green Real Veggies is an organic supplement that conducts a thorough liver detoxification. A rejuvenated liver enables overall health as purified blood keeps every organ well-functioning.