How it Works

REAL VEGGIES Pills of Nature!

MWH Live Green Real Veggies pills are constituted of six USDA-certified, organically produced vegetables that cleanse and detoxify your system. Every Real Veggie pill supplements the body with the anti-oxidants our liver produces but the production of which reduces with time.

In this fast paced world, our body is exposed to toxins and pollutants. An imbalanced diet paves the path for low energy, fatigue and mental fogginess. Get yourself cleansed, regenerated and enhanced with Live Green Real Veggies.


The liver in the human digestive system works as a filter for the body. An overload on this vital organ can cause a lot of ailments in the long run. 
Live Green – Real Veggie pill being a rich blend of certified organic vegetables like cabbage, carrot, broccoli, beet root, spinach & parsley embodies ‘Nature’ that helps you to:

  • Enhance liver detoxification pathway.
  • Repairs and regenerates liver cells.

Resultantly enabling the liver to enhance its function of detoxification in leaps and bounds!


The imminent stress that is a consequence of the disorderly lifestyle is a major cause for the mental and physical imbalance. This exhibits itself in the form of tedious headaches. Things might worsen if the individual is sensitive to light, sound and nausea.

The active ingredients in the Live Green – Real Veggie pills identifies the root cause and ultimately fights the pain without any side effect as opposed to normal painkillers which have a toxic effect on the liver.