How it Works

Preserve Your Vision

Nourishtra Bilberry & Lutein softgels have a synergistic effect on visual impairment which alleviates vision disorders. Each softgel is enriched with:

  • Bilberry extract
    • 50 times more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin E
    • 10 times more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin C
  • Clinically proven Lutein extracted from Marigold flower

Open up Your
Eyes Bright

MWH Nourishtra Bilberry & Lutein softgels help your eyes to maintain their glint and luster.

  • Lutein filters the damaging effect of UV Rays, hence is a UV protectant and it also enables quick recovery from a blinding light-flashes. 
  • Bilberry equips the eyes with better color differentiation abilities.