The world’s best Omega 3. Made from Micro-Algae DHA.

MWH® Nourishtra Omega 3 is 100% vegetarian as it is enriched from micro algae, and not from fish oil. The vegetarian Omega 3 DHA is free from ocean-borne contaminants and is fermented in controlled and closely monitored process. We believe in pure nutrition and all MWH® Nourishtra supplements are testament to this belief. Omega 3 health supplements are rich source of DHA that maintain eye health, develops brain and keeps your heart healthy. In addition to these there are numerous benefits of consuming MWH® Nourishtra Omega 3 supplement during pregnancy

What are the benefits of MWH® Nourishtra Omega 3 supplement?

How is vegetarian Algae DHA different from Fish oil DHA?