Antioxidant that gives you healthy heart and vessels.

MWH Promising Herbs Grape Seed Extract constitutes of premium Kosher & Halal certified ingredient that improves the skin and aid in blood circulation by its unique ability to strengthen blood vessels. It reduces the risk of inflammatory disorders and thereby enlivening the heart.

I seem to have a healthy heart & active lifestyle. Do I still need to consume Promising Herbs Grape Seed Extract by MWH?

Dietary sources may not provide adequate nutrition everyday. Therefore, today’s healthy heart and active lifestyle may meet their end tomorrow.
MWH® Promising HerbsTM Grape Seed Extract prevents this from happening. It contains the standardised extract of grape seeds that provides antioxidant support. It gives you adequate protection against cardiovascular and eye disorders, inflammation, swelling, cancers and several other conditions.

How is Promising Herbs Grape Seed Extract better than other supplements that have Anti-oxidant properties?

Promising HerbsTM Grape Seed Extract is the best antioxidant as it contains the highest number of polyphenols or flavonoids. These entities act as potent antioxidants that scavenge free radicals in the body. Grape seed extracts are beneficial for blood vessels, inflammation and swelling, cardiovascular disorders, eye health, cancers and many other conditions.