How it Works

Synergic Weight Manager

MWH considers it a pleasure to introduce Calorie Block, which is clinically proven to manage your weight without any side effects. The primary ingredient being peanut skin, Calorie Block adds a whole new dimension to natural wellness products.

Rich in antioxidants, Calorie Block reduces the absorption of fats and stops the production of fat cells. It immediately and effectively blocks starch digestion and avoids the excessive absorption of sugar; hence, blocking the unwanted calories in your body. Calorie Block lends a helping hand in weight control, allowing you to indulge in your favourite food items.

Experience the Benefits of Peanut Skin

By Blocking the key enzymes in starch digestion, thereby reducing sugar absorption.

By inhibiting the production of fat cells in the liver.

It reduces the absorption of calories by the stomach, showing auxiliary slimming effect.