How it Works

Enliven Your Journey

MWH Smart Women 50+ is an amalgamation of potent herbs that balances the fluctuating hormonal levels. It helps cope against unpleasant menopausal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and much more. It also fortifies you with nutrients necessary during the menopausal phase, which reduces the risk of heart diseases and bone density loss.

No more pause

Menopause is a phase in every woman’s life. It refers to the end of menstruation: natural decline in the hormones produced in the ovaries. Menopause is accompanied with much discomforting symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep problems, night sweats, mood swings and memory problems. With menopause, the risk of bone loss and cardiovascular disease also rises. MWH Smart Women 50+ helps balance hormone levels in women, alleviating their lifestyle.