Tight & So Right.

Carna Firm Breast Serum is an ingenious creation that enhances your breasts by visibly improving its shape.
It helps firm, tone and smoothen the texture of breast skin with continued use. It resists sagging, helps you stay young and feel more loved.

Will Carna Firm Breast Serum work on saggy breasts?

Yes, MWH® Carna Firm Breast Serum will work on saggy breasts. MWH® Carna Firm is enriched with the patented ingredient, PuresteroTM, which is extracted from Pueraria mirfica. It is rich in phytoestrogens and has been clinically-proven for its regenerative properties. It helps balance oestrogen levels in the body, thus exhibiting a firming effect on breasts. It also helps in maintaining skin elasticity. It helps stimulate collagen synthesis that firms breasts by tightening loose skin, reducing sagging and also uplifting them. Carna Firm Breast Serum provides definition and fullness to your breasts.

What is the main ingredient of Carna Firm Breast Serum?